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Clara Podesta, die Frau unseres Club Managers und Trainers, Francisco Podesta, informiert über Geschehnisse auf und um das Polofeld.


Office Adresse:
Polo Park Zürich AG
Clara Podesta
Rietstrasse 12
8472 Seuzach

Telefon: 0041 76 662 83 85


Swiss Polo Association

The Swiss Polo Association (SPA) is the parent organization of all Polo Clubs in Switzerland. Its main tasks according to the statutes are the representation of the interests of Swiss Polo Clubs towards the federal authorities and the international Polo Organizations such as the Federaciòn Internacional de Polo (FIP) and the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA).
The SPA is also establishing tournament regulations and in charge of the organization of national championships. This task is however delegated to one of the organizing clubs.
The activities of the Swiss National Polo Team are coordinated by the SPA. Last, but not least is the important task of defining the handicaps of each player in Switzerland.

The following Clubs that are associated to the SPA have an own webpage: